Nichiban Japanese Surgical Tape - Mazikeen Lashes

Nichiban Japanese Surgical Tape

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Made with flexible and moisture-permeable polyolefin film and highly moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives, this high quality tape is a must have accessory for sensitive eyes. This unique blend promises minimal moisture retention, staying dry even when used for long duration's. It protects the skin's natural barrier (making tape removal less painful), keeps the skin dry and prevents irritation. Our Nichiban Japanese Surgical Tape stretches easily and with minimal force, responding to the slightest movement of the skin, ensuring comfort.

This surgical tape is best used to secure the bottom eyelashes during application or pulling back the eyelid skin to expose the lash line to improve accuracy and efficiency. The perforation allows for quick and easy cutting of strips by hand. 

Pack of 1

Store at room temperature, away from water, humidity and direct sunlight