Face Mask + PM 2.5 Filter - Mazikeen Lashes
Face Mask + PM 2.5 Filter - Mazikeen Lashes
Face Mask + PM 2.5 Filter - Mazikeen Lashes

Face Mask + PM 2.5 Filter

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Face Mask Offers 3 Layers of Protection: 
  1. 100% cotton outer layer
  2. Non-woven material middle layer
  3. 100% cotton inner lining for comfort and breathability


- adjustable ear loops and nose bridge (built in aluminum)
- extended lower chin wrap to ensure maximum coverage
- automatic respiratory valve
- unisex; Size: 12cm x 8cm

* When Face Mask is used in conjunction with the PM 2.5 Filter, a total of 8 layers protect you and your clients from germs and exposure to cyanoacrylate vapors. 

How to Use: 

- Open, and flip the mask over to the white cotton side
- Put the PM 2.5 filter inside the mask sleeve 
- Place the face mask on making sure that the nose of the mask is positioned upwards. Ensure that your mask fully covers your nose, mouth, and chin. 
- Adjust the ear loop straps for a more fitted fit
- Adjust the nose clip by pinching the aluminum to fit your nose bridge 
*Face Mask can be used without filter for day to day use, however when lashing adding the PM 2.5 filter is recommended for the activated carbon's protection against glue fumes*

Care Instructions:
- Remove PM 2.5 filter from mask before every wash
- Hand wash with warm water and detergent, and air dry 
*It is recommended that you wash your mask after every use*