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At 70 deg, the 𝔻 ℂ𝕦𝕣𝕝 is known for its drama - that defined, wide eye and noticeably curled effect   

* ɪᴅᴇᴀʟ ꜰᴏʀ straight/horizontal angled lashes (doll eye effect) or downward angled natural lashes (open eye effect)

* ᴀᴠᴏɪᴅ ᴏɴ:  upward angled lashes, deep set / droopy / heavily hooded eyelids. Due to it's tight curl, the extension may end up brushing up against the upper eyelid causing irritation and/or annoyance to the client
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Tabitha S.
United States United States
love these lashes

I loved the packaging and the amazing quality. The only complaint I have is I was issued a %20 off coupon but wasn’t able to use it as it wouldn’t go through and when I tried to email to get a solution that wouldn’t go through either.

Mazikeen Lashes

Hi Tabitha, Sorry, we did not appear to have received an email from you. However, we see that you already redeemed the BEMAZE20 promo (1 time use per customer) on your first order. Thank you for your review - we will be sending you an email under separate cover for a different promo code you can use for your next order =). Please let us know if you have any other questions/concerns by emailing

Erin W.
United States United States
Luxury lashes!

These lashes make the perfect fan every time. They are also so soft and easily come off the strip not leaving residue behind. The packaging is beautiful. I feel like these are luxury lashes. A win for the a handmade fan maker for sure.

Kayla J.
United States United States
Reliable, Consistent, & Great Curl

I’ll take one of everything, please! I feel so lucky to have found Mazikeen’s lashes because I still have yet to find an issue with any of their lashes. The lashes themselves are DARK, the best take on unique curls that never straighten or lose curl over time, and even my clients can tell the difference when I use these. The 0.03s are simply the easiest to fan 0.03s I have ever used. There is not too much sticky in the strip so they pick up with ease. The taper of the lashes in the tips is natural looking and perfect. Not to mention, Mazikeen’s packaging is so good, I feel so spoiled every time I get a package. Every detail is so thoughtful NO ONE can beat it. I’ll never stop using these lashes, please don’t stop making them! I’m just so in love.

Nicole L.
Canada Canada
Blown Away

I purchased these lashes a while ago and only just got around to trying them out, and I WISH that I did it earlier... The 0.03 lashes are like nothing I have ever seen before! Honestly, they are insanely soft and are a DREAM to work with (especially if you are a pincher). I obviously LOVE the packaging, as it’s clear that they put a ton of thought into its design! 11/10! Seriously, buy them! You won’t be disappointed!!

Fans so easy!

The 0.05 and 0.03s are beautiful to work with! They give such dense looking lashes! Highly recommend


Had a chance to play around with the 0.03 and 0.05s. It's new to me; still trying to get a hand if it since I have never used these two diameters before. But definitely love the quality!! And the box is amazing. So easy to grab the strips!

LOVE - True 0.03

I LOVE the lashes itself. I feel like it's a true 0.03. Super soft and I love how the strips are FULL. You can tell when you only pull a small chunk and there are tons of lashes in that small chunk

Lashes Fan Very Well

The lashes fan very well especially when it comes to using the flower bouquet method. Lashes are not sticky at all and they retain their curl. Thickness is great, strip is not sticky, One thing I did find was they are a bit longer compared to brands I have used in the same length. Packaging is great. Overall the lashes are amazing!

Love how black and soft they are!

I love how black and soft they are!

Love the Quality and Packaging

Packaging: really love the overall look of the lash case, it looks super fancy and high end - I think the design is done super well!!! The lash case is easy to open, retrieval of the individual lash strips is easy since it's slanted (I really like the attention to detail). I also really like the foil back on the individual lash strips vs the traditional paper that will leave residue to lash tiles. Quality: The lashes felt very soft to the touch and fanned easily with minimal brushing needed. Compared to other brands that I've tried, I found Mazikeen Lashes fanned really easily

Beautiful case and cover

Beautiful case and cover with smart design! Love the curl and the rich black hue. In terms of use, the strips were easy to peel out of the case with the foil backing, easy to pick off of the glue strip with no glue residue, and easy to fan!