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At 60 deg, the ℂ ℂ𝕦𝕣𝕝 is one of the most popular curls and a definite go to for lash artists for it's universally flattering qualities

* ɪᴅᴇᴀʟ ꜰᴏʀ:   clients with a slight curl in their natural lash (creates an open eye effect), but will work on most clients really! Also provides for a lash lift effect on slightly downward angled lashes & a beautiful doll eye effect on clients with close to horizontal angled lashes   

* ᴀᴠᴏɪᴅ ᴏɴ:  clients with heavily downward angles lashes; look at D curl instead
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Best Lashes

These are one of the best lashes I have used, honestly. They glide off the strip! When I place the strip on my lash tile it doesn’t move or unstick. They’re so easy to use, super fluffy and black.. not too shiny and my clients LOVED them! Will purchase more curls for sure!!!

Game Changer

These lashes are soft and so easy to fan, making it such a joy to work with. The thickness and darkness of these lashes are just perfect, it gave my clients the volume they were looking for!

MacKenzie G.
I'm a big FAN!

First of all 20 ROWS! Absolutely amazing how many more lashes you get at such an affordable price. The .05 lashes I tried fanned so easily. I love how the sticky part of the strip is orange so you can see the base better when fanning. Will definitely be ordering again!

Designed for the Artist & Client in Mind

Upon opening my package, I immediately felt there was care and intent behind the packaging and product. Each tray was individually wrapped and packaged with a note - it felt as though I was receiving little gifts. These lash trays are sturdier than most I've used, which again, says a lot about the thought and quality behind the brand. The case itself is very unique - having used numerous brands over the 3+ years I have been lashing, I can definitely say I have never felt or seen something quite like these. As an artist, we interact with our lash trays daily; this brand has definitely need created with the lash artist in mind. Having a high quality, and beautifully designed tray makes you feel a sense of appreciation; it's like having something designed not just with the client in mind, but you too! I have tried the 0.07, 0.05, and 0.03 mixed trays, and I've enjoyed using each! My favorites would have to be the 0.03 as they felt light and fluffy, which is something you search for in mega volume trays.

Just Amazing!

Loved trying out this beautiful product. Not only does the packaging and design look amazing, but the actual product is amazing!!! The lashes are so soft and fine and still very easy to make fans with. My clients love how dark the black is. I will definitely be recommending these lashes to my lash friends. Can't wait for more new products to be launched in the near future!

We LOVE the lashes!!!

We LOVE the lashes!!! They are super black and easy to fan. I am OBSESSED with the packaging - so unique and pretty. Very beautiful lash line and one any lash tech can be proud to display in their studio!

Luxurious and Functional

The lashes are super soft, and have a nice black color to them (not too shiny). 20 lines is awesome but the best part of the product is the box - luxurious and functional, and of course pretty! Love the easy peel on the right side, the foil back, and the side labeling!

Easy to Fan!

I've been playing around with your lashes for the last couple of days and I really love them! Normally I use 0.07 or 0.06 but your 0.05 and 0.03 are really easy to fan! I love how there's so many lashes in one tray and the design of the tray. With a mixed tray you don't even need a palette to put them on, you can work right from the tray! I also really like the foil back.