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MIXED LENGTH TRAYS, Japanese Mink Lashes

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Our Japanese Mink Lashes:
- Were formulated to create the softest and darkest true black blend, ensuring a bold and dramatic finish
- Are double heat treated during manufacturing for maximum curl retention and consistency
- Foil backed strips that are durable and reusable no matter what surface you work off of
- 20 lines of product; 67% more product than competitors
- Offer greater length ranges, allowing Lash Artists to create their desired effect; top line, textured, wispy, strip lash, and more!

6mm (x 1 line)
7mm (x 1 line)
8mm (x 2 lines)
9mm (x 3 lines)
10mm (x 3 lines)
11mm (x 3 lines)
12mm (x 3 lines)
13mm (x 2 lines)
14mm (x 1 line)
15mm (x 1 line)