At Mazikeen Lashes, we endeavor to create and procure the finest products.

Designed by Lash Artists; our one of a kind product caters to the artist, the craft and the client. Our innovative and high-quality products assist the artist in achieving their best, so that their clients may look their best, and make the world a more beautiful place.

By staying active in the industry as a Lash Artist we have a keen interest in continuous learning and constant improvement. Working alongside other artists to address and provide solutions for our everyday tasks has led us here today. This is our passion project. Welcome!


In folklore, Mazikeen's were magical beings that exhibit both angelic and human qualities, and had the ability to change their appearance and perform acts of magic and enchantment.

Lash Artists much like Mazikeen's create works of art, so it was only fitting that we name our company after these beings

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse... Re-imagine!


Mazikeen Lashes is committed to doing our part to address the broader issues that the world is currently facing with climate change. As a company, we are making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. 

To date, we have come up with FOUR ways to re-purpose and reuse our beautiful lash trays that any Lash Artist can feel good about:

1. By incorporating 20 lines of product into our trays, we reduce the number of trays we produce and a Lash Artist must purchase. 4 of our trays accommodates the same amount of product that a competitor would use 5-6 lash trays for!

2. Have you seen our straight cut diagonal opening with the side panel removed for easy tweezer access? On our mixed trays, this allows for the perfect build in lash palette!

3. Turn those used lash trays into a PROmade fan storage tray with our Maze PRO Fan Base inserts! Simply stick the insert into your tray and you're ready to fan and crystallize to your heart's desire!

4. Our beautifully designed transparent cases make for a gorgeous aftercare kit to be gifted to your clients - just add a couple of silicone mascara wands, a cleansing brush, your business card, your personalized aftercare instructions and you're set!

In addition to the above, all our silicone accessories can be cleaned, disinfected and reused as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the one-time use disposables.


“Taking 'By the Artist, for the Artist' to a whole new level”

Over my career as a Lash Artist I have had the opportunity to trial numerous brands in the market, but failed to find one that I was 100% happy with. This led to conversations with other Lash Artists about their experiences, and inadvertently a wish list of wants/needs evolved. 

Mazikeen Lashes differentiates itself by taking "By the Artist, for the Artist" to a whole new level. Our team has invested over 2 years: 
- understanding the pain points, pet peeves, wants and needs of Lash Artists; 
- creating our vision of an ergonomically friendly lash tray with a team of designers and engineers; 
- producing many prototypes; and finally
- testing hundreds of samples to find the perfect product to fill!

Developing innovative solutions to these everyday issues is how Mazikeen Lashes was born. The result is every Lash Artists' dream...  


Product Features


A Lash Tray that...

* has a removed panel for easy tweezer access; and
* side labelling to find your curl/diameter of choice effortlessly.


Eyelash Extensions that...

* hold the perfect true black hue to softness ratio;
* is double heated during the manufacturing process for maximal curl retention and consistency; and
* comes placed on foil backed strips for ultimate durability and usability.


True Value with...

* 20 lines of product per tray (67% more than competitors);
* lengths ranging from 6-15mm: and 
* an array of options (J, B, C, D, U, U+, M, L, L+, LD) to create all your desired effects.