At Mazikeen Lashes, we endeavor to create and procure the finest products.

Our team has taken the time to interview numerous Lash Artists and gain a clear understanding of the challenges they faced, uncovering the shortfalls of the existing products on the market in the process. Using this feedback, we were able to create a high quality product that is packaged in a tray that is specifically designed to be ergonomically friendly for the way that Lash Artists use eyelash extensions.

After testing numerous prototypes and testing hundreds of samples, we have arrived at a product that we are proud of. Introducing every Lash Artists' dream . . . <3

Founder & CEO

Our culture is inspired by the Mazikeens of folklore, who were magical beings that had the ability to change their appearance. Exhibiting both angelic and human qualities, they were known for being able to perform acts of magic and enchantment. 

Lash Artists, much like Mazikeens create works of art. Therefore, it was only fitting that we name our company after these beings. 

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse... Re-imagine.

Mazikeen Lashes is committed to doing our part to address the broader issues that the world is currently facing with climate change. As a company, we are making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

To date, we have come up with FOUR ways to re-purpose and reuse our beautiful lash trays that any Lash Artist can feel good about:

1. By incorporating 20 lines of product into our trays, we reduce the number of trays we produce and a Lash Artist must purchase. 4 of our trays accommodates the same amount of product that a competitor would use 5-6 lash trays for!

2. Have you seen our straight cut diagonal opening with the side panel removed for easy tweezer access? On our mixed trays, this allows for the perfect built in lash palette! 

3. Turn those used lash trays into a PROmade fan storage tray with our Maze PRO Fan Base inserts! Simply stick the insert into your tray and you're ready to fan and crystallize to your heart's desire!

4. Our beautifully designed transparent cases make for a gorgeous aftercare kit to be gifted to clients - just add a couple of silicone mascara wands, a cleansing brush, your business card, your personalized aftercare instructions and you're set!

In addition to the above, all our silicone accessories can be cleaned, disinfected and reused as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the one-time use disposables.


Quality assurance to ensure a high level of consistency and quality is of utmost importance to us. Here are a few measures we have put into place to guarantee the quality of our products:

  • Our manufacturing facility utilizes custom tooling and jigs to further reduce measurement error
  • We employ a quality control manager overseas to oversee the entire manufacturing and assembly process; she enforces our Standard Operating Procedures
  • Our products are inspected before being shipped to Canada, and go through an additional quality check when they arrive at our headquarters before being sent out to Lash Artists all around the  world

Watch video to see the final product