OMG in love with these lash trays! This packaging is <3<3<3! Finally a company in Toronto is doing it right!! I can't wait to try lashing my clients with these babies out! Thank you so much for these.

A.C. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Really love the overall look of the lash case, it looks super fancy and high end - the design is done super well!!! Love the attention to detail - the lash case is easy to open, and retrieval of the individual lash strips is easy since it's slanted. I also really like the foil back on the individual strips vs the traditional paper that will leave residue to lash tiles. The lashes felt very soft to the touch and compared to other brands that I've tried, I found Mazikeen Lashes fanned really easily!

F.Z. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

We LOVE the lashes - they are super black and easy to fan. I am OBSESSED with the packaging though, so unique and pretty. Very beautiful lash line and one any lash tech can be proud to display in their studio!

C.M. (Bowmanville, ON, Canada)

I've been playing around with your lashes for the last couple of days and I really love them! Normally I use 0.07 or 0.06 but your 0.05 and 0.03 are really easy to fan! Most of all, I love the design of the tray, that there's so many lashes in one tray, and the foil back! 

P.V. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Just used your D 0.03 this morning, and wanted to quickly tell you that it is a very nice lash to work with - comes off the strip very good, great pick up, and easy to fan!

M.D. (Ajax, ON, Canada)

Beautiful case and cover with smart design! Love the curl and rich matte black hue. In terms of use - easy to peel out of the case with foil backing, easy to pick up off the glue strip with no glue residue, and easy to fan! What more can I say?

M.H. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

The lashes are super soft, and have a nice black colour to them (not too shiny). 20 lines of lashes is awesome, but the best part of the product is the box - luxurious and functional, and of course very pretty! Love the easy peel on the right side, the foil back, and the side labeling! 

C.D. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

The LD curl is a game changer!!! Loving the lashes and my clients love them too!

S.L. (Scarborough, ON, Canada)

The lashes fan very well especially when it comes to the flower bouquet method. Lashes are not sticky at all and they retain their curl. Thickness is great, strip is not sticky. Packaging is beautiful. Overall the lashes are amazing!

S.T. (Oakville, ON, Canada)

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